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Discover a new side of Japan 

In the centre of Hokkaido, the Furano-Biei region is known for its otherworldly rural landscapes, fascinating culture and peaceful atmosphere. 

Be lured by majestic mountains and gorgeous flower fields, and charmed by the villages and the warm hearted people within.

 All roads lead
to adventure

While Furano-Biei is famous for its picturesque flower fields, there is plenty more to see and do.

fascinating Furano

Make authentic connections and experience a unique way of living.

Fields of beauty

Summer is a time when Furano and Biei’s countryside bursts into colour with beautiful summer blossoms. From late June to early August, breathtaking views entice photographers and sightseers alike.


Farm Tomita - just one farm offering excellent viewing - has the Tokachi mountain range as a spectacular backdrop. 

Summer hikes

There are endless opportunities for adventurers who want to hike and explore the mountainous areas of Furano, including climbing Mount Furano-Nishi to the summit. Take in the outstanding panoramic views of the summer colours in the Furano valley and Tokachidake Mountain range, where you will feel on top of the world. 


Whether you enjoy a hike that lasts a few hours or a few weeks, by trekking in Furano you will experience an intimate connection with this unique region.  

Hidden highlights

Surrounded by vast expanses of gently rolling hills, Furano is the perfect setting for road-cycling – taking in the colourful flower fields and sightseeing spots such as Furano Marche, the cheese factory or the winery – touring at your own pace.


Adventure lies around every bend of the stunning cycling routes throughout the small farming villages, or the 80 km stretch across the four cities of Furano, Nakafurano, Kamifurano and Biei. For visitors who are new to the area, directions are painted on the roads for added assurance.

River adventure

Furano lies on the beautiful Sorachi River, a Mecca for a huge number of fun water sports. If you are feeling adventurous in the summer months, enjoy sports such as thrilling white water rafting to gentle kayaking, or fishing straight from the river.


Enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the eye-level of the river as you make your way downstream on the clear waters that flow through Furano city.